Distance Coaching

After receiving your E-CAP assessment, you may want to improve targeted skills through our distance coaching programs.

Our expert coaches review your E-CAP, design a series of sessions to address your goals, prepare application exercises for your needs, and work with you on acquiring more polished communication behaviors.

Our distance coaching is typically offered through Skype and web conferencing. You view our instructional PowerPoint and video demonstrations, while learning how to apply new skills to your job-related communication. 

After registering for distance coaching, we will contact you to arrange a time that is convenient for your schedule. Both daytime and evening or weekend hours are available.

For questions about our distance coaching, or to arrange for coaching at your work location, contact us at private@e-cap.net.

Distance coaching includes:

  • Customized training plan based on your E-CAP results
  • Content-rich coaching in targeted areas
  • Personalized assignments and skill applications
  • Real-time feedback and advice
  • 45-minute sessions
  • Distance coaching must be completed within six months of package purchase.

You will need:

  • Your E-CAP score and advisory profile (purchased separately)
  • Skype account (free)
  • Computer with high-speed internet connection
  • Web browser (Internet Explorer recommended)
  • Java should be enabled in your browser (check)
  • Microphone headset for PC

Contact for Pricing Information and to Register for a Distance Coaching Package