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Beyond testing…


This unique assessment and advisory tool is used by universities, corporations, and

individuals to gauge and increase the effectiveness of communication skills.


E-CAP evaluates spoken language, which is the most accurate window into  communication 

proficiency, and it is the only assessment tool that provides expert, personal, and
comprehensive advice for skill
improvement through a 15+ page
customized report.

E-CAP is a 25-minute, computer-based session during which you give spoken responses to a series of questions and situations.

The responses
are evaluated for linguistic, strategic, and communicative

An optional, 15+page Advisory Report, discusses the  More

Differences from Other Tools

E-CAP's  assessment methodology analyzes more than 275  elements of communication effectiveness.  Learn More

Get answers to questions
about your communication skills.

Discover weaknesses or unconscious

habits that may be sabotaging your success

Make rapid improvement,
by practicing new skills with customized exercises and applications.

Completely private, confidential, and easy to take at your computer at any time. E-CAP is an on-line assessment that you can complete at your convenience.