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E-CAP is a versatile assessment tool that can be modified to suit specialized development objectives. We can design subject or field-specific questions and tasks for a range of learning levels. The customized tests will get the answers you need to make cost-effective decisions about training and development.


Our analysis of test results can provide valuable guidance for colleague support, and we are happy to suggest training or coaching programs that can address the issues uncovered through the E-CAP assessments.



E-CAP is utilized by a range of schools for evaluating and boosting the communication skills of students. It provides an excellent supplement to an established curriculum that lacks an explicit communication component. The analysis reports provide extensive material for self-study and improvement. Teachers rely on the rich content of the reports as they prepare learning modules, and we can provide supporting practice materials.






If your organization has 25 or more people in need of communication assessment, we will be happy to  explore a customized solution for you.


"We found that recruiters were complaining about the communication skills of our students, so we started using E-CAP for our entire entering class. The E-CAP assessment alerts students to the level of their oral communication skills, and it helps us to offer additional support to flagged students."

Dean of top ten business school