Score Sheet and Advisory Report


The scoresheet (left page below) contains an overview of your performance in 10 major skill areas, comments on your top three strengths and three most noticeable weaknesses, and graphical data on your communication. The optional companion advisory report (about 15 pages, on the right below) is an e-learning resource with detailed comments on your skills and extensive suggestions for improvement, including exercises and access to practice resources.


Within ten business days, you will receive an email notification that your results are available for viewing in the on-line portal. The score sheet will remain in your user profile for one year, while the analysis report and pronunciation profile (if ordered) will expire in 90 days. The E-CAP on-line learning resources linked to your reports may be viewed only when you have a current report. To regain access to the on-line resources, retake E-CAP and receive an updated analysis report for your current skill level. 


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Pronunciation Clinic

The Pronunciation Clinic includes both a one-page summary and about ten pages of comments on individual sounds and how you can make them clearer.