Measurement and Improvement


Your E-CAP score gives a summary of your performance in more than seventy-five discrete communication competencies, from strategy to delivery to articulation. The analytical approach of our metrics helps you to understand why your communication is strong or weak. Other communication assessments typically give a single or a few skill scores, leaving test-takers to wonder about the precise factors that produced their score.

A unique feature of E-CAP is its extensive analysis and explanation of your performance. Your advisory report will contain customized self-study exercises for you to begin the process of improvement. If you wish, we can also provide additional training to improve the competencies identified in your report.

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It's simple.


1. Speak. Research has shown that spoken language provides the best indication of real-life communication abilities. It reveals cognition, vocabulary range, strategy, and context awareness.


2. Discover. Most people communicate with subconscious habits that develop over years of interaction. E-CAP helps you to become aware of the strengths and weaknesses in your communication, including skills you never knew you had!


3. Improve. Your score and accompanying advisory report detail the characteristics of your spoken language, and the report shows you how to modify and improve your communication behaviors. Some of the suggestions will be obvious and easy to internalize. Other skills, especially in the areas of cognition and vocal image, may need concentrated practice.