computer setup


set up computer


To Take E-CAP, you'll need:


tic Computer with high-speed internet connection. A hard-wired connection is best.
tic Web browser (Internet Explorer recommended), with Adobe Flash Player. To check if flash is installed on your computer, click here.
adobe flash
tic Microphone. Use an external microphone headset like that pictured to the right. The internal microphones on most PCs and Macs pick up too much background noise, and cell phone/iPhone microphone recordings are very poor. Avoid USB style connectors and wireless microphones. Microphone headsets are obtainable at many office supply stores and on-line. You can test your microphone with the sample question below. mic with jacks
tic Allow Adobe Flash Player to access your microphone. When you visit the E-CAP sample question page, or start your assessment, you will see the Settings window at right. Please click Adobe Allow. It is safe for the Adobe Flash to access your computer's microphone. If you click Deny, you will be unable to continue. If you do not see the permissions dialog at right,  be sure that the flash player settings on your computer are set to "always ask", click here. Adobe permissions pic
tic As the sample question begins, you will see additional instructions about checking your microphone. You will be able to adjust your microphone sensitivity by adjusting the slider in the settings box like that at the right. When you speak, the green bar will rise. Say something like "Hello, today is Tuesday." The bar should reach the yellow level. If the bar reaches the red region while you speak, reduce the Record Volume with the slider. Be sure to click "Reduce Echo." When you are finished, click "Close". Adobe mic
tic Please follow the additional guidance in the sample question about preparation time and the recording clock. recording clock

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For help, see our troubleshooting guide or consult your computer support staff.